Raw Organic Denim: The Eco-Friendly Closet Staple

When was the last time you had a piece of clothing that was completely unique to you and your lifestyle, eco-friendly and good for your health? It’s unfortunately quite difficult to find in today’s mainstream fashion market, but thankfully raw organic denim is starting to gain a strong and trendsetting following.

Commonly known as ‘dry denim’ because of its initially rigid and crisp texture, raw denim is denim fabric that has not been washed or chemically treated. The fabric slowly breaks down over time, creating a soft and worn in feel. With consistent monthly wear before its first gentle wash, it allows its wearer to mold the denim to their body like a second skin creating a faded and distressed look that is completely unique to them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the majority of the denim you see in stores has had numerous chemical washes and treatments applied to it before anyone even wears it. This negatively affects the lifespan of the denim compared to its raw counterpart. It also poses a much more serious environmental threat in its production. While conventional raw denim scores better than pre-washed, your very best option when choosing a new pair of jeans would be a pair made from raw organic denim.

Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers and is free from toxic chemicals. Manual farming and organic practices have a lower carbon footprint than conventional cotton farming because the process uses less fuel and emits lower greenhouse gases. What you wear every day is also vital to your health. Your skin is your largest organ and is extremely absorbent. Conventional clothing is chemically ridden with hormone disrupting dyes and contaminants like pesticides, formaldehyde and heavy metals. It may seem insignificant on a day to day basis, but consider what you are putting into your body over a lifetime.

Just like anything else, all denim is not created equal and there are countless benefits in doing your research for how your clothes are being made. John-Addison is committed to producing premium quality raw organic denim that is a stylish and low maintenance addition to everyone’s closet.

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